Welcome to California White Pages

Welcome to White Pages California, you premier guide to finding various types of businesses across the state of California. Founded in 2013, WP California provides handpicked and curated listings of popular business in the form of top lists across our many different categories. Below you’ll find our current list of categories, as well as a detailed guide on what criteria goes into all of the listings chosen on our site:

How We Rate Sites

When looking at different businesses to include in our directory there are a number of factors we use to ensure that we only list high quality and reputable establishments to our visitors, including:

  1. Must have been in business for over 5 years
  2. No serious customer complaints against them
  3. Have a fair policy for dealing with disputes
  4. Treat their customers fairly and with respect
  5. Offer equitable pricing against their competitors

Our Team of Editors

When it comes to deciding who to list in our directory, we have a team of editors that works hard to vet each listing, ensuring it’s helpful for our visitors. Some our our team include:

Sam – a Los Angeles native, Sam is an actor who also enjoys doing web development and works across both these fields. As an avid foodie and Blackjack player, Sam curates our restaurants and casinos section as well as helping with all of our website development needs across the business.

Carol – Carol lives in San Bernardino and is an avid film critic, estimating that she’s watched over 12,000 films in her lifetime. This being the case, Carol was a logical choice for our movie studios category as she follows all new major releases and keeps a beat on what the best studios are producing for the public.

Hugo – originally from a quiet village in the French countryside, Hugo moved to San Diego over 20 years ago and enjoys luxury cars as well as a penchant for expensive hotels. Because of this, he was the perfect choice to edit our automotive and hotels section, which he has been doing now for 2 years.