The Top 10 Restaurants In California

The following are the top ten ranked hotels in California.

  1. Nobu Malibu
    This hotel offers outstanding services and striking ocean views. It is believed to be among the best eateries in California because it provides its customers with ocean sights that are surrounded by windows ranging from the floor to the ceiling. Further, the restaurant affords an exterior lounge and outdoor patio meals for the clients who desire an immerse feel. Nobu Malibu offers exquisite cuisine for the diners and it accommodates vegetarians and the lovers of seafood.
  2. Malibu Farm Restaurant
    This facility is located on the Malibu Pier, and it provides a front outlook of the ocean's embodiment. The eatery contains two central units namely the Malibu Farm Café that is found at the pier end to give counter service and table service that is located at the pier start. Malibu Farm Restaurant is famed for its organic meals that are locally sourced. Importantly, it offers its recipes to interested clients to try at home.
  3. Moonshadows
    Moonshadows has won various awards from different organizations for its service delivery to customers. Due to its location by the ocean, the restaurant offers a beautiful view of the sea for the diners while they lie on their sun deck. It provides an exciting menu that cuts across cultures such as Italian and Asian. Moonshadows also contains Blue Lounge Bar within its premises mainly on the outside patio. Customers in this section enjoy drinks and live DJ music.
  4. Duke's Malibu
    This restaurant was initiated to honour the legendary surfer, Duke Kahanamoku. It celebrates the surfing pedigree of Malibu. Equally, it offers its customers a fundamentally excellent point as it is located by the beach. Equally, diners can have a glimpse of the ocean water, which thumps against the facility. It contains a stunning interior view that is attractive to the guests. It serves an exceptional menu comprising of seafood, pork, and chicken all prepared with ingredients free from gluten.
  5. Lily's Café and Pastries
    This restaurant is pocket-friendly to their customers. It serves its visitors with mainly Mexican meals, and so it is the best location for burritos and tacos in Malibu. Moreover, burrito breakfast is the main meal that has famed Lily's Café and Pastries because it always gets returning customers due to the enjoyable experience.
  6. Fish Grill Restaurant
    This facility is famed for the fresh fish meals it offers its customers. Most visitors who visit this eatery attest that the meals served here are refreshing. Further, it provides the customers with feeds within 15 minutes. Ones a visitor makes an order, the fish is grilled in your presence, and it is served when it is still hot. Additionally, the fish can be served with salad and pasta dishes depending on your preference. The restaurant also offers beautiful sceneries of Malibu on a patio outdoor.
  7. Mastro's Ocean Club
    It is ranked among the most classic cafés in Malibu California. This eatery provides unique encounters for their clients as it offers sophistication, fine dining, and class. It is located near the ocean, and so it provides outstanding blue ocean water views for their clients. They usually serve steak dishes and a wide range of seafood that are perfectly prepared. Besides, Mastro Ocean Club has a sushi menu.
  8. Paradise Cove Beach Café
    This restaurant is located on the Paradise Cove Pier in the Malibu beach, and it provides a remarkable view of the ocean to the visitors. It serves customers with fresh meals within 15 minutes. It serves large servings making this eatery appropriate for families.
  9. Café Habana
    This facility contains a welcoming and jovial ambience, which prompts customers to keep returning. Its dishes are inspired by Cuban and Mexican culture. It also serves wines to the customers by the beach.
  10. Taverna Tony
    This restaurant serves mainly traditional Greek meals. It is famed for preparing the best Greek meals in California, and it uses locally outsourced and fresh ingredients from farmers. It offers baked bread and a variety of vegetable dishes to the customers.